Is Battle Brewing Between British Royalnauts?

Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, on a typical day out in Central London. (Photo credit: Staszek99)

As part of our continuing effort to keep its readers up to date on all things Celebritynaut, Parabolic Arc is proud to present the latest British royal who is determined to fly into space.

Yes, it’s Harry!

No, not Harry Potter. Prince Harry. That House of Windsor guy.

It seems that the British Royal, now an active duty helicopter pilot in Afghanistan, is keen on undergoing astronaut training with NASA and flying aboard Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. And better yet, for all you royal scandal lovers out there, Harry’s bid to become the first British royal in space could tear the British monarchy apart!

Maybe. Read on….

The Sun (that other British newspaper owned by Rupert “I know NOTHING!” Murdoch) reports:

Army pilot Harry, 26, is a closet Star Trek fan and “obsessed with space”,  according to friends.

They say he has already asked Sir Richard Branson’s son Sam for a seat on one  of the first Virgin Galactic sub-orbital flights.

But he hopes to become an honorary member of the elite US space programme  after returning from Afghanistan next year.

Harry doesn’t really need NASA training to fly on Virgin’s vehicle, just three days of instruction that would be a breeze for a guy who pilots attack helicopters in a war zone. The publicity would be great for NASA, though. The space agency has been struggling as of late to convince everyone that it still has a human spaceflight program.

Princess Beatrice

Anyway, I mentioned that whole Battle Royalnaut thing. It seems that Harry’s cousin Beatrice (she of funny hat fame) also wants to become the first British royal in space. That raises the prospects of a titanic struggle that could shake the monarchy to its core. Or at least give the tabloid press months of juicy stories.

So, who is likely to come out on top? Let’s look at each side’s strengths and weaknesses.

Prince Harry


  • Higher rank: third in line to the throne
  • Flight experience: Apache attack helicopters in a war zone
  • Ability to pass NASA’s rigorous flight training


  • The spare (less expendable)

Princess Bea


  • Inside track: boyfriend is head of Virgin Galactic’s astronaut relations operation
  • Ability to pass Virgin Galactic’s much less rigorous training
  • Fifth in line to the throne (more expendable)


  • Bad luck around powered vehicles: had BMW stolen after leaving keys in the ignition
  • Hat would likely clog life-support system

I don’t know. It’s pretty much of a toss up to me. What do you guys think? Please vote in our latest Parabolic Arc poll.

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