Charlie Bolden’s Latin American Tour

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

In case you are wondering what Charlie Bolden is up to these days (and I know you are), the NASA chief is on a four-nation outreach visit to Latin America this week that is taking him to Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Costa Rica.  The trip is apparently a follow-up to an earlier visit to the region by President Barack Obama, according to press reports.

On Monday, Bolden met with Chilean Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno in Santiago to discuss bilateral scientific cooperation and consulted with members of the Chilean Space Agency (ACE). Cooperative efforts discussed included programs to measure the movement of ice and to prevent geological hazards. The testing of Mars surface vehicles in the Atacama Desert was also on the agenda.

Moreno also thanked Bolden for NASA’s assistance in helping to rescue 33 trapped miners last year.

Bolden will be in Brazil on Thursday, where he will to sign a joint cooperative agreement on the Global Precipitation Measurements program that focuses on collecting international rainfall data.