Brazil to Boost Space Budget

The Gazeta do Povo reports on plans by the Dilma government to significantly increase space spending in Brazil, a boost that will allow for the launching of two new rockets:

The Brazilian Space Program will receive $ 2.1 billion federal investment over the next four years. Among the main goals are to launch four satellites and the construction of a rocket. Resources are provided in the Plan (PPA) from 2012-2015 and have the objective of restructuring the country’s space policy. Experts said the reorganization of the sector is strategic and can generate a leap of technological development in Brazil…In 2010, the budget was $ 300 million.

The goals of the program include launching two new rockets: the Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV), which is a joint Brazilian-Russian project for small payloads; and the larger Cyclone-4, which is a Ukrainian booster.

The boost in spending is significant but falls short of the stated goal of Brazilian Space Agency President Marco Antonio Raupp to have annual spending tripled to $900 million.

The Gazeta do Povo listed the following goals for the 2012-15 period:


  • Increase budget to $ 2.192 billion in the period
  • Ensure the Ukrainian Cyclone-4 rocket by 2012
  • Test by 2013 the satellite launch vehicle (VLS)
  • Launch four satellites
  • Launch two microsatellites
  • Launch 40 suborbital rockets and conduct training
  • Hiring the development of the first Brazilian Geostationary Satellite System (GBS)
  • Hiring the development of domestic industry, satellite radar
  • Establish monitoring system for space weather by 2013
  • Promote the integration of the country in the world market for commercial launches of satellites with the SCW
  • Conduct four events related to the disclosure of the space at all levels of education, and Olympic competitions and educational rockets and satellites
  • Attraction, training of personnel for the space sector, contributing to the popularization.