Argentina and Brazil May Team to Create South American Space Agency

Argentina has proposed to Brazil that the two nations join in creating a South American space agency:

The defense minister, Celso Amorim, on Tuesday received the proposal for the creation of a South American space agency of his Argentine counterpart, Arturo Puricelli. Puricelli, who attended the seminar “Defense Industry Transformation as an inducer of National Defence,” asked the authorities of both countries and companies to create a strategy that will enable the region to develop the space sector.

“Our communications are dependent on services that are satellite data from countries in other regions and so we must join efforts to reach space with a South American space agency,” explained the minister of Argentina.

Puricelli said for this purpose, the “existing spaces and the ability of Brazil”, besides the “potential” of Argentina in this field, which, he says, “can be very well used.” “What keeps us from having a satellite launcher South American? The challenge for ministers is to create a South American space schedule and have own satellite in 2025”, he said.

It’s an intriguing idea that might boost Brazil’s efforts to turn its Alcantara Launch Center into a full-fledged spaceport.