This Week on The Space Review: The Rocket Boys From Brazil

The Russo-Brazilian Southern Cross rocket family with the Ukrainian Cyclone-4 (third from right).

My analysis of the Brazilian space program:

Will a new space power rise along the Atlantic?

Brazil is making a major push to turn its equatorial spaceport into a major hub of launch activity. Doug Messier reports on the various initiatives underway and the challenges the country faces to join the ranks of the world’s space powers.

And the rest:

The evolving ecosystem of NewSpace

When most people think of NewSpace, visions of space tourism and low-cost launchers come to mind. Jeff Foust examines several entrepreneurial space companies that are instead working on technologies that could enable or be enabled by improved access to space.

Of ships and space

Why has the retirement of the shuttle resonated with the general public so much? Stewart Money discusses how the shuttle, unlike spacecraft before or after it, captured the essence of being a ship.

An enduring value proposition for NASA human spaceflight (part 2)

What value does NASA provide to the nation? In the second part of her analysis, Mary Lynne Dittmar argues that value, not widely recognized, is more fundamental than human space exploration.

After the shuttle era, space exploration continues and thrives

Space advocates find themselves having to fight the perception that the end of the shuttle program means “the end” of NASA itself. Lou Friedman says that today is a vibrant time for space exploration, even if those accomplishments aren’t often recognized.