Altius Space Wins SFF NewSpace Business Competition

Jon Goff with his Sticky Boom rendezvous and docking unit.

Congratulations to Jon Goff and his Altius Space Machines team for winning the $25,000 grand prize in the Space Frontier Foundation’s annual NewSpace Business Plan Competition.

The company won the award to help it develop the “Sticky Boom” rendezvous and docking technology that does not require a spacecraft to have a docking port. The company plans to use this technology to deliver small payloads to the International Space Station, capture a sample return vehicle in martian orbit, and remove debris from Earth orbit.

Other winners included:

Celestial Circuits: $5,000

Celestial Circuits is developing a commercial line of command and control computers for Nanoracks, Cubesats and other small micgravity experiments. The plug-and-play units will range from $500 to $5,000 and will be used on everything from experiments on drop-tower and parabolic aircraft flights to the International Space Station.

Final Frontier Design: $2,500

FFD’s goal is to design, test and manufacture space suits for the commercial market.┬áTheir focus is on functional pressure restraint garment design and prototyping, especially for gloves.