As Hangar One Work Begins, House Cuts Restoration Funding

Workers have begun to strip off the PCB-laden siding from the long shuttered Hangar One at Moffett Field. The work is being funded by the U.S. Navy, which used to control the facility before NASA took over.

The bad news is that the $32.8 million required to put new siding on the massive structure was cut in the House of Representatives budget for NASA.The move came after a report from the Office of Inspector General questioning whether NASA should spend scarce funds on restoring the structure.

The deletion of the funds has raised the possibility that a skeletal Hangar One could sit for years exposed to the elements — or be torn down all together. Preservationists want to save the historic hangar, which once housed the massive U.S. Navy airship Macon. NASA would like to use the restored structure to house modern airships. Supporters are working to restore the funding and exploring other options.