Team Drops Out of Google Lunar X Prize

During the recent Google Lunar X Prize Team Summit in Mountain View, one of the 29 teams was missing.

C-Base Open Moon, a Germany-based competitor, has withdrawn from the $30 million moon race. In a blog post, the team said:

After long and difficult discussions we had to come to the conclusion that we aren´t able to keep up with the requirements of the last Master Team Agreement.

At the end of 2010 it became more and more clear for us, that we wouldn’t be able to stay in the GLXP the way we were organized at that time. This was even more obvious, when we realized how the MTA was structured and what kind of organization would be necessary to keep up with it.

The efforts to change into a company, for improving our capabilities to focus on several parts of the technological and administrational efforts defined not only be the MTA turned out to be much to complicated to be taken within a few months.

We are not a company. We are just a bunch of Open Source evangelists, and morphing into entrepreneurs over night was hardly to achieve. That’s more less the whole truth.

Although the team has dropped out of the Google Lunar X Prize, it will continue its efforts in other areas:

Open Moon is not dead!

We all have learned a lot and will use this for our further explorations.

Right now we are looking for downsized space projects or competitions we might be able to enter and we are bringing up up some ideas for a competition we could run by our own. Please have a look onto our media channels as known. We continue communicating….

C-Base Open Moon is the fifth team to drop out of the competition. Twenty-eight teams remain.