Suborbital Skydiver to Jump From Interobital Systems Rocket

FreeFlyer Olav Zipser with Interorbital’s SR145 rocket.
FreeFlyer Olav Zipser with Interorbital’s SR145 rocket.

IOS PR — World-renowned skydiver/daredevil Olav Zipser has chosen Mojave rocket manufacturer Interorbital Systems as the launch provider for his attempt to break Joe Kittinger’s 1960 high-altitude jump record.

Zipser will forego the previous balloon-lift method used by the current record-holder, and instead will jump from an IOS SR 145 rocket. The launcher will propel Olav to an altitude of over 40 kilometers (about 25 miles)—higher than any manned balloon can possibly go—where he will eject from the launch vehicle and FreeFly back towards Earth in what he intends to be the longest, fastest, and highest skydive in history: his FreeFly Astronaut Project.

“This initial record attempt will be the first of a whole program, culminating with a dive from above the Karman line (100km), from a real space altitude. This is not a stunt. This is a research mission,” Zipser stated. “I created the sport of FreeFlying and have gathered a great deal of important data, but more work is required. That’s why committing to five rocket launches with IOS; these FreeFly events will happen at increasingly higher altitudes. This scientific data will be gathered to develop a safe return method that will benefit the entire aerospace industry—I can even see this as a new extreme sport with unlimited potential.”

Olav leaves in two weeks for Russia, where he will attend the MAKS Air Show and begin a stay at Star City, for training and collaboration on the development of a supersonic spacesuit that can be used as an economical rescue/return alternative for astronauts and space tourists.

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