Interorbital Systems Eyes Orbital Launches, Skydiving Project

I ran into Randa Relich and Rod Milliron in Mountain View last night. Interorbital Systems’ CEO and President were in town for the Google Lunar X Prize Summit being held at the SETI Institute. The Mojave-based rocket company is part of the Synergy Moon Team.

Randa and Rod were in a happy mood, having just booked  a batch of new payloads for their N30 launcher. The company has sold out payload space on its first orbital launch (see below) and is filling up the manifest for its second vehicle. The rockets will be launched off the California coast early next year.

They also told me that Red Bull Stratos and Rick Tumlinson’s SpaceDiver projects have some competition. World-renowned skydiver Olav Zipser plans to set a new altitude record by jumping off Interorbital’s SR 145 rocket. The current record of 102,800 feet is held by Joe Kittinger.

The manifest for Interorbital’s first N30 launch is after the break.

Current List of Confirmed Co-Manifested Payloads on First N30 Launch
(Via Interorbital Systems)


  • UC Irvine, UCISAT1
  • Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP) Team EuroLuna, Romit 1 (2U from Denmark)
  • FPT University, Vietnam, F-1 CubeSat
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia (KAUST) (2 CubeSats and 1 TubeSat)

TubeSats (constructed from Interorbital Systems TubeSat Kits):

  • Morehead State University (Kentucky Space)
  • InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico
  • University of Sydney (Australia) (2)
  • Aslan Academy (Private LA High School)
  • Project Calliope (Space Music Project)
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico / Marcelino Canino Middle School
  • GLXP Team Part-Time Scientists / Fluid & Reason Software (2)
  • Naval Postgraduate School (3) (Maritime Interdiction)
  • Defense Science and Technology Lab (DSTL,UK)
  • Austrian Arts Group
  • United States Military Academy at West Point (2)
  • Brazilian Space Institute/ 108 5th-7th Grade Students, Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Mexican Satellite Project: PLAY Arts/Soccer Opera from Space
  • TriVector Services, Huntsville
  • AKQA Advertising, San Francisco

Twenty additional projects with committed payloads are in various phases of arranging funding. These include academic, arts, private-sector, military, and corporate groups from the US, Peru, Mexico, Singapore, Chile. Brazil, India, Hungary, Japan, Germany, Pakistan, New Zealand, the Dominican Republic, Holland, and France.

Editor’s Note: Story corrected to indicate that N30 rocket will launch payloads on orbital missions.