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Will Nimoy Go Boldly Where Shatner Refuses to Tread?

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
June 25, 2011
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William Shatner (Credit: Jerry Avenaim)

The Canadian Press reports:

“William Shatner has said that he’s scared to go into space and it’s quite ironic really when you think of his career,” company founder Sir Richard Branson told The Canadian Press.

“And, like most celebrities, he would like a freebie.”

“I’m in the airline business and a lot of people ask for upgrades and we’re not going to get the same thing happening with our space program.”

Branson says since Shatner isn’t interested, perhaps other crew members of the fictional USS Enterprise, like “Spock” (aka Leonard Nimoy), would jump at the chance.

“We’ll have to go out and ask them,” he added. “We haven’t actually yet, but I promise you we will.”


One response to “Will Nimoy Go Boldly Where Shatner Refuses to Tread?”

  1. amalie says:

    Would William Shatner take the trip if it were paid for? I think if there are real apprehensions then even a freebie would not entice.

    Personally the idea fills me with terror, but then I am pretty earthbound person, even so it seems as if the trip would be a little tense for anyone, not really like taking a regular plane ride at all, and has been pointed out already on the forum, there are genuine safety concerns as well.

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