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Space Measures Make Way Through Florida Legislature

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 15, 2011
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Space Florida’s Chris Snow provides an update on space legislation making its way through the Legislature down in the Sunshine State. To summarize:

  • Space Florida Budget: House provides $7.84 million in non-recurring general revenue, Senate bill includes $10.04 million in recurring general revenue (matches governor’s request).
  • Space Business Incentives Act: Approved by House, under review in Senate.
  • Aerospace Jobs and Tuition Tax Credit: Approved by House, under review in Senate.
  • Informed Consent Legislation: Amended to cover subcontractors; under review in House and Senate.
  • Reorganization: The Senate and House are working on separate bills in which Space Florida would be folded into a larger organization with other state departments focused on bringing jobs to the state. “In both bills, Space Florida retains its independent special district status along with all of its powers, authorities, and responsibilities. This is due to the importance of the special district, the powerful financing capabilities that it allows and the ability to own property.  These capabilities are all critical for the continued and future development of Florida’s space industry.”

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