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Bolden Meets With Perminov in Moscow

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 15, 2011
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NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

ROSCOSMOS PAO — Presidents of Russia and the USA established Russian-US President Commission in July, 2010. A Space Cooperation Working group in the framework of the Commission is led by the Heads of Roscosmos and NASA. The 4th meeting of the Group took place in Roscosmos premises on April 15.

The introductions by Anatoly Perminov and Charles Bolden were followed by discussion on:

Russian and US space policy and future plans of the space agencies;

International Space Station
(program status, International Docking Standard IRD status, ISS Advisory Board, ISS application for space research beyond LEO);

Space exploration issues (US LRO/Russian LEND neutron detector mission data; Progress status of the International Coordination Space Exploration Group wrt scenarios for human space exploration as a part of the road map (strategic plan) for global space exploration developed by the International Coordination Group; Space communication and navigation; Propulsion systems);

Life science
(Possible cooperation in exchanging Russian Bion-M1 bio-experimental data);

Earth and space science
(2011-s launch preparation status of US mars rover MSL with Russian neutron detector DAN, recent science cooperation agreements).

The parties also discussed other issues in constructive and productive manner.

The meeting was concluded by a protocol. The results are to be reported on the level of the state leaders.

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