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Space Access ’11: Paul Breed

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 9, 2011
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Paul Breed
Unreasonable Rocket

  • Small 3D Printed Motors
  • Used Shapeways Stainless process – $350
    • Numerous problems in production process
  • GPI Prototype – $5,000
    • Began firing attempts in December
    • First full successful run last week
  • Morris Technology DMLS – $5,000
    • aluminum flight weight motor
  • Small GPS Integrated IMU Project
    • About 20 flights
    • GPS units tested could not keep lock during 6 Gs forces
    • Some GPS regained lock later – but when parachute deployed, the GPS was pointed at ground and it lost lock again
  • Partnered with Microcosm to develop peoxide compatible tanks

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