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Space Access ’11: Aye Matey, ‘Tis the KC Space Pirates!

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 8, 2011
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KC Space Pirates
Frank Smith

  • Work on laser power beaming
  • Some of power beaming money won by LaserMotive
  • Power Beaming competition — still has $1.1 million remaining – only 1 team (LaserMotive) can compete in terms of cable climbing
  • KC Space Pirate’s laser provider decided to sell its laser to someone else for $1 million — won’t let them borrow it
  • About $1 million short of a new laser
  • Officials are considering changing the remaining competition to avoid climbing — would involve beaming power between two points
  • Tether experiment
    • small sat (< 1 kg)
  • Ashes to Orbit
    • one ounce of ashes into polar orbit
    • open the container — ashes end up in a cloud
    • Re-enter the orbit in 1-2 weeks
    • spread the ashes over the entire Earth
    • one of the team is from India — if you can lower the price, would have millions of people wanting to scatter ashes in space — cultural element
    • hope to launch to launch one capsule per month by the end of the year
    • have a launch provider that doesn’t want to go public yet

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