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Space Access ’11: Misuzu Onuki

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 7, 2011
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Misuzu Onuki
Space Activities in Japan

  • Japanese space budget and revenues are both decreasing…
  • Only thing that is increasing: Number of companies that have stopped their space activities
  • Space revenues are almost the size of the government space budget
  • New Japanese Basic Space Law went into effect in 2009
  • Japan has a great potential to become a user of commercial spaceflight in terms of passengers and experiments
  • A lot of activities in terms of promotions (winning space trips)
  • Large Japanese companies are beginning development work on commercial space vehicles for last two years
  • Human spaceflight concept is beingg developed — HTV-R – with re-entry capsule
  • Concept for human-rated H-II rocket
  • No domestic company working on orbital facility — Japan has MOU with Bigelow Aerospace — one of six MOUs
  • Kibo Utilization Forum — 13 research groups working on different aspects of how to use Japan’s ISS module
  • Trying to develop a space washing machine
  • Working on creating a domestic Commercial Human Spaceflight Promotion Association in order to work on human spaceflight standards, regulatory structure and other matters

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