Deepening Ties With Russia Give Boost to UK Space Companies

Insider Media reports that the UK-Russia Year of Space 2011 is about much more than simply celebrating the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight into space:

The decision by the government to share expertise, knowledge and innovation in space science with Russia will be a valuable boost to the work of South East space science businesses. That’s according to Guildford-based Surrey Satellite Technology, one of the country’s biggest space companies.

Daniel Tye, the leader of the company’s space environment team, told Insider this week’s agreement with the Russians for enhanced collaboration in space science research would heighten awareness of the work of space businesses, which are concentrated in the South East. It comes as 2011 has been hailed as the UK-Russia “Year of Space”….

Tye told Insider there could be a knock-on benefit to high-tech companies in the region as the result of increased awareness of space projects.

“There’s still a hangover from Cold War attitudes to Russia and I would welcome the chance to dispel those. I find the Russians very pragmatic to work with and very aligned to the way we like to work. Any activity that promotes the work the UK and Russia does together can only be a good thing from a business perspective.

“As well as ourselves and Astrium there are a number of smaller companies in the South East working in support activities on space projects – the space industry is larger than a lot of people imagine and it’s mainly concentrated in the South East. We work with a number of Russian companies and activities that highlight the importance of the industry will hopefully lead to more business.”

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