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Spaceport America Update: Building Boarded Up for Redesign

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
January 10, 2011
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Terminal Hangar Facility at Spaceport America.

I found some additional details on a construction delay that occurred late last year at Spaceport America. The Albuquerque Journal reported on Nov. 30:

One of two major structures under construction at the New Mexico Spaceport has been boarded up as officials re-evaluate its interior design.
The $2.9 million aircraft rescue and firefighting building was about 70 percent complete when workers were told to pack up, demobilize and return as late as April of next year.

The building where work was suspended will house rescue and firefighting operations and equipment, vehicle bays, maintenance facilities, a communications room, security room and office space for Spaceport staff and key contractors…..

The portion under evaluation includes the office spaces and the entrance, Homans said.

“We want to make sure the interior design and functionality works for us and that it is also in sync with the overall look and design of the other components of Spaceport America … there’s kind of brand and an image.”

Homans, who left his position last week after being ordered to resign by new Gov. Susana Martinez, downplayed the significance of the work stoppage, saying that it is sometimes happens on large construction projects. He said the changes would not require much additional funds.

I guess this will be another thing for Homas’s successor to sort out once he or she is named.

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One response to “Spaceport America Update: Building Boarded Up for Redesign”

  1. Doug Weathers says:

    The image of the THF (Terminal Hangar Facility) on this article is misleading. The building that is being “boarded up” is the ARFF (aircraft rescue and fire fighting) facility. It’s a much smaller, domelike building, not the enormous THF.

    This is the ARFF:

    Really, this isn’t a very big deal.

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