Pictures: Falcon 9 and Dragon from Ignition to Orbit

The Falcon 9 at ignition. (Credit: SpaceX)
The Falcon 9 lifts off. (Credit: SpaceX)

Falcon 9 climbing off the pad. (Credit: SpaceX)

Falcon 9 clears the tower. (Credit: SpaceX)
Falcon 9 first stage separation. (Credit: SpaceX)
Falcon 9's first stage falls away. (Credit: SpaceX)
Falcon 9's second stage fires away. (Credit: SpaceX)
Falcon 9 second stage shutdown. (Credit: SpaceX)
Photo from inside the Dragon spacecraft during first test flight. (Credit: SpaceX)
Picture from inside Dragon capsule during first flight. (Credit: SpaceX)
The Dragon heat shield. (Credit: SpaceX)