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Video: Space Manufacturing Conference “Extraterrestrial Prospecting” Session

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
December 6, 2010
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A video of the “Extraterrestrial Prospecting” session held during the SSI Space Manufacturing 14 conference at NASA Ames Conference Center in October. Presenters discussed remote techniques for assaying and utilizing Near Earth Object resources.

Session Chair: Professor Michael F. A’Hearn

Water vs. Rocks: Resources for Earth or for Exploration?
Prof. Michael A’Hearn, University of Maryland, Department of Astronomy

Mining Methods for Asteroid Utilization
Brad Blair, Space Studies Institute, and Prof. Leslie Gertsch, University of Missouri-Rolla

Mining Concepts Development for Accessing Asteroid Resources

Mark Sonter, Asteroid Enterprises Pty Ltd

Resources from Asteroids: What We Can Expect From What We Know Now
Dr. Faith Vilas, University of Arizona, Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory

A full archive of videos is located here.

View the archive of PowerPoint presentations given during the conference here.