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John Lewis to Discuss Asia’s Road to the Moon at SSI Conference on Saturday

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
October 25, 2010
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Planetary scientist Prof. John S. Lewis, who has lectured at the Center for Space Science and Applied Research and the Lunar Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science, will give a dinner talk titled, “Asia’s Road to the Moon,” at the Sheraton Sunnyvale Hotel on Saturday, Oct. 30.

The talk will focus on Asia’s rising space programs and potential cooperation with the United States and other nations. This will be the keynote address at the dinner for the Space Studies Institute’s Space Manufacturing 14: Critical Technologies for Space Settlement conference, which will be held from Oct. 29-31 in Silicon Valley.

Conference attendees and members of the public can purchase tickets to the dinner for $35 on the SSI website at The deadline for conference registration and dinner tickets is 5 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

“We look forward to a very interesting talk,” said SSI Executive Vice President Lee Valentine. “Johnhas just returned from China where he gave expert commentary on China Central Television for the Chang’e lunar orbiter and landing site mapper, so he should have some fascinating insights. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden will also have recently visited China to discuss cooperation on human space flight.”

Dr. Lewis is Professor Emeritus of planetary science at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and Vice President of Research at the Space Studies Institute. An authority on planetary geology, Prof. Lewis is the author of “The Resources of Near Earth Space, The Physics and Chemistry of the Solar System, Rain of Iron and Ice, and Mining the Sky.”

The SSI conference will be held in Sunnyvale and at the NASA Ames Conference Center from Oct. 29-31. The conference will bring together scientists and entrepreneurs to plan humanity’s future on the high frontier. Speakers will present a range of research topics, including mature space transportation, extraterrestrial prospecting, lunar and asteroidal manufacturing processes, robotics and tele-operations, closed environment life support systems, space solar power and energy, and off-planet property rights.

“This conference is the only one solely concerned with the science and engineering of humanity’s expansion into the solar system.  Its most important function is to bring together the engineers, entrepreneurs and researchers who do the real work.”

The SSI meeting continues the series of biennial conferences held in Princeton, N.J., through 2001. The late Princeton physics professor Gerard K. O’Neill, author of “The High Frontier,” a seminal book on space settlements, began the conference series to find a feasible path to space settlement for the benefit of humankind.

Conference Information

Dinner tickets are available for $35 on the SSI website through 5 pm PT on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Tickets are required for both conference attendees and members of the public.

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