Iran Becoming a Space Power


With the success of a domestically-built and -launched satellite in February 2009, the Islamic Republic of Iran became the first Islamic nation and the ninth nation overall to launch its own payload into orbit.

Since that launch, Iran has expanded its activities in space, reporting that it has committed significant funds to its space program, announcing new satellite and rocket plans, as well as promising to put a man in orbit by 2025.

Secure World Foundation (SWF) has issued an Iranian Space Launch Capabilities Fact Sheet with Tiffany Chow as its main author from SWF’s Washington, D.C. office.

The fact sheet was developed to shed light on the plans of Iran as a new space player, Chow explained, to help the international community understand their abilities.

“In order to effectively promote and develop a set of cooperative norms for safe and sustainable behavior in space,” Chow said, “it’s important to understand the capabilities and future plans of emerging space-faring nations.”

This footnoted SWF resource details Iran’s recent launch timeline, launch sites, satellite and space program technical capabilities.

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