Frustration in Utah as House Delays NASA Funding Vote

No ATK vote upsets Bishop / Lawmaker: Congress needs to get moving to save jobs
Standard Examiner

A frustrated Rep. Rob Bishop left Washington, D.C., for Utah on Friday afternoon, taking time only to call the Standard-Examiner from the airport and lambaste House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not holding a vote on a bill he thinks is the best compromise yet to save jobs at ATK Space Systems.

“We voted on virtually nothing, we moved nothing,” he said as background loudspeaker voices blared flight numbers. “That’s part of the frustration.”

Bishop is one of a number of congressmen from states that build rocket parts for NASA who are working to keep the Constellation moon rocket program from being taken out of NASA’s budget, as President Barack Obama’s proposed budget calls for.

Part of Constellation is the Ares rocket, whose motor is built at ATK Space Systems in Utah.

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