Visions of the Future, Errors of the Past, and to Infinity and Beyond

In The Space Review this week…

Debating the future of human spaceflight
Congress returns to work this week with a NASA authorization bill among the many items up for consideration. Jeff Foust reports on the continued debate about what should be in that legislation, which will shape the future direction of NASA’s human spaceflight program.

The real mistakes of the space shuttle program
As the space shuttle programs winds down, some wonder if the entire program was something of a mistake. Paul Torrance argues the real errors were in the agency’s inability to learn from past experience to prevent accidents.

Review: Voyager
While people frequently refer to space exploration, few think about what exactly it means to explore space. Jeff Foust reviews a book that uses one of the most successful robotic spaceflight missions in history to examine space exploration in a historical context.