Laid Off Aerospace Worker Looks Forward to Space Flight in 2 to 5 Years

The El Paso Times has a story on yet another one of Virgin Galactic’s clients who is patiently waiting for the ultimate joy ride into the heavens:

Sometime within the next two to five years, Cathy Culver of San Jose, Calif., will board a commercial spaceship in Southern New Mexico and travel to the edge of space.

She will experience weightlessness for precious minutes like a giddy astronaut, look outside the spacecraft’s circular windows, and see breathtaking views of the Earth below and absolute darkness above.

Culver, a laid-off aerospace industry systems engineer, is paying $200,000 for the greatest adventure of her life, a sub-orbital space flight that will take off and land at New Mexico’s Spaceport America.

“It’s an amazing feeling to see my dream come true,” Culver said. “Nothing is impossible.”

Well, Culver seems to be doing a whole lot better than your average laid-off anything worker. Good for her. Read the full story here.

Meanwhile, the $200 million Spaceport America is taking shape in the desert near Las Cruces. Clark Lindsey over at Hobby Space found this report from July.