Bob Richards Left Odyssey Moon to “Pursue Funded Ventures”

Bob Richards has written a blog post about his departure from Odyssey Moon, an Isle of Man-based competitor in the Google Lunar X Prize.

It was a very challenging goal, we knew, to embark on a private sector effort to extend the powers of entrepreneurship and risk capital beyond our current economic sphere of Earth orbit. It is a goal that I remain firmly and completely committed to achieving.

However, as reported by Parabolic Arc today, I have departed as CEO of Odyssey Moon.  After founding Odyssey Moon and taking it as far as I could as its chief executive, the rationale for investing my time and energy timed out and I have had to resign as CEO to pursue funded ventures. I hope Odyssey Moon remains recognized as a seminal mover in the history of commercial lunar aspirations.

Sources indicate that Richards has another lunar venture in the works. Details will be released shortly.