Garver: We’re Cool With This Heavy-Lift Thing

Deputy NASA Administrator Lori Garver

Deputy NASA leader Lori Garver thinks stalemate between Congress and White House is over
Huntsville Times

NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver said Friday that she believes the Washington stalemate over NASA’s future is over, and Marshall Space Flight Center will lead development of NASA’s new heavy-lift rocket.

“I do not feel like we are in a stalemate anymore,” Garver said of the White House and Congress. “We are talking.”

What NASA wants now is “robust” work on a new heavy-lift rocket starting next year, Garver said. If Congress agrees with that priority, Marshall will lead the program.

“Many things are still uncertain, but one thing is not uncertain,” Garver said during a visit to Huntsville Friday. “Marshall will lead the heavy-lift launch program.”

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