Video: Giant LOX Tank for Taurus II Arrives at Wallops

Massive fuel tank arrives at Wallops

A 162-foot-long, 56-wheeled vehicle transporting the largest tank of the fuel farm needed to launch Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Taurus II rocket arrived Monday at Wallops Island after a three-month journey from Mexico.

The empty 80,000 gallon liquid oxygen tank, which is 124 feet long and 13 feet in diameter and weighs 230,000 pounds, spent three months in transit from a manufacturing facility in Mexico City. The company that built the tank is headquartered in Pennsylvania.

Several videos documenting the vehicle’s progress are posted on YouTube and have been receiving hundreds of views. They can be found by searching PRIMELOX MARS on the website.

The unusual vehicle also was the subject of a July 23 story in the Culpeper (Va.) Star-Exponent after it drove right through downtown Culpeper on Main Street to avoid traveling under overpasses and a railroad bridge on the Route 29 bypass.

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