Space Florida to Invest $1 Million to Support Reusable Suborbital Launch Provider – Updated

Edward Ellegood of the FLORIDA SPACErePORT says that the Space Florida board has been busy this week:

The Space Florida board approved the following investments: up to $1M in financial support for a reusable launch vehicle company; up to 30% of the estimated $2.9 million cost for Starfighters Aerospace to procure multiple F-104 jet aircraft from Italy; and $2 million over three years to match the FAA’s investment in research at a proposed Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has teamed with Space Florida to establish this Center at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport).

The suborbital company was not named, but my guess is that it is XCOR Aerospace. The company is building its first Lynx vehicle at its facility in Mojave, Calif. Florida has licensed spaceports at Cape Canaveral and in Jacksonville.

Starfighters operates supersonic jets on a commercial basis from the Kennedy Space Center.

Update: There was a bit of confusion earlier on the $2 million in commercial space funding. The FAA announced this week that its Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation was being awarded to New Mexico.

However, there is a proposed Commercial Spaceflight Technical Center, which is an FAA project planned for the Kennedy Space Center. A task force recommended this week that $5 million be spent on the center. The funding is part of a $40 million effort to help Florida transition to a post-shuttle economy.