AIA Establishes Space Leadership Web Site to Support Initiatives


AIA has developed a new website at that encourages and assists interested citizens to contact President Obama and members of Congress to support space initiatives that will keep the U.S. space program strong. AIA is deeply concerned by the significant challenges facing the U.S. space workforce and industrial base, and strongly urges Congress and the administration to work together to ensure U.S. global leadership, competitiveness and innovation in space.

“U.S. leadership in space has been recognized across the globe for decades,” said AIA President and CEO Marion C. Blakey. “However, that position is perishable and continued national leadership will be vital for our future.”

A rapidly aging workforce combined with an insufficient replacement pool of talent, the lack of an integrated and coordinated national approach to the space sector, rapidly growing international competition and increased budgetary pressures all impact the aerospace industry as a whole.

AIA recommends the following steps to address the threats to U.S. space leadership:

  • Establish a long-term national space strategy that factors in civil, national security and commercial interests in space and identifies and seeks to preserve the space capabilities critical to meeting our national goals.
  • Enact stable and robust budgets and funding to meet established objectives and sustain a strong and progressive space industry.
  • Support policies that maintain a healthy and vibrant space industrial base that employs technically-skilled American workers.
  • Modernize our nation’s export control policies so that U.S. industry can compete on a level playing field.

The space leadership website links to the AIA space portal, which contains more information on these issues including space papers, testimony, news items and other resources as well as links to social media sites to help spread the word.