Rocketplane: Coulda Woulda Shoulda

NewsOK has a bit more on the bankruptcy filings by George French and his Rocketplane, Rocketplane Global and Rocketplane Kistler companies:

Former astronaut John Herrington, who was hired by Rocketplane in 2005, said the rocket’s first design revolved around modifying the body of a Learjet. But the engineering team decided the best route was to build the aircraft from the ground up…

“If we had successfully acquired the capital that we needed, we would have grown into a major player in the commercial space program,” Herrington said.

French said the company determined that to be viable, it would need multiple vehicles at a cost of $100 million each. He remains hopeful that Rocketplane will emerge from bankruptcy and return to Oklahoma.

“I hope that something very good will come out of this process,” he said. “We believe Oklahoma was the right place and we still believe the Oklahoma Spaceport is the right place. It’s the best in the world — that’s why we chose it.”

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