Canada Could Gain Substantially in New U.S. Exploration Focus

Canadian aerospace set to boldly grow in privatized space travel
The Montreal Gazette

But Canada ultimately stands to profit, Delaney says, pointing to our track record in robotics and space technology, which will be needed as the groundwork is laid for future travel.

“There’s a good history here as far as developing space hardware, instrumentation,” he says. “I think you’re going to see stepped-up activity from Canadian industry to contribute in a more significant way.”

Steve Oldham, general manager of satellite missions and robotics for the B.C.-based MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, agrees, pointing to his company’s internationally recognized Canadarm as the best example of successful Canadian space hardware.

“Obama has opened the door for collaboration; he’s mentioned robotic exploration as being extremely important for him,” he says. “The fact that Canada has undeniably the best heritage in that area, really, is a huge opportunity.”

Oldham says the Canadian Space Agency needs to decide — and clearly spell out in its own policy — if it wants to be on board for the next generation of space exploration.

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