Space Frontier Foundation Honors Masten, O’Brien and Spacevidcast

The Space Frontier Foundation honored Masten Space Systems, Miles O’Brien, Art Dula, Spacevidcast, and the movie “Moon” with awards at its annual gala on Saturday evening. They were honored for their visionary and pioneering work in support of the NewSpace sector.

Vision to Reality – Masten Space Systems
For outstanding achievement in the development and operation of a device, system, or entity that forwards the opening of the Space Frontier.

“Masten’s flight was the culmination of a close race for the prize between them and Armadillo Aerospace, and we expect to see both companies doing great things in the future,” said SFF Chairman Bob Werb. “Masten’s precision lunar flight demonstration shows we can do amazing things at low cost outside of the government, do them quickly, and do them right.”

NewSpace Journalism – Miles O’Brien, “This Week in Space”
For outstanding achievement in journalism spotlighting NewSpace.

“Miles O’Brien is probably the most highly regarded journalist focused on the space industry today. His latest platform, This Week in Space, delivers a package that is the perfect length and pace for both the busy executive and casual enthusiast,” said SFF Executive Director Will Watson. “The Space Frontier Foundation Board chose O’Brien for this award because he is making a difference, by highlighting NewSpace accomplishments and revealing policy truths to the general public.”

Best Presentation of Space –, run by Ben Higginbotham
For outstanding achievement in highlighting past and present events in space exploration and development.

“The space industry is notorious for failing to communicate exciting, hard-earned miracles to the general public,” said William Watson, Executive Director of the Foundation. ”The space enthusiasts behind have successfully challenged this notion by creating an interactive video portal capable of virtually transporting people around the world to the factories and launch pads of NewSpace rockets.”

Pioneer of NewSpace – Art Dula
For someone who was an early leader and pioneer in the creation of the NewSpace industry who has left a lasting legacy.

“Art Dula has been doing NewSpace since before anyone knew what NewSpace was,” said SFF Founder Bob Werb. “He has long been a leader in creating new businesses and in developing the ideas needed for opening the space frontier.”

We owe our ability to launch private spacecraft in part to Dula as his company, Space Services Inc., secured the first regulatory approval for a private space launch. In 1982, it launched the first private U.S. space vehicle, the Conestoga, and from there Dula created many more innovative private space companies.

Vision of the Future – “Moon,” directed by Duncan Jones
For outstanding achievement in presenting the possibilities of the Space Frontier to the general public.

The film, directed by Duncan Jones and released in 2009, was chosen for its outstanding portrayal of a possible future for humans in space. This award is given when a fictional film or TV show combines frontier enabling space technologies and/or cultural institutions with a captivating story within the realm of reality or possible reality.

“Our voters chose Moon because they enjoyed the intriguing presentation of a nearer term future based on real economic concepts,” said Space Frontier Foundation Founder, Rick Tumlinson. ”Moon had strong competition for this award from Jim Cameron’s Avatar, a great cautionary tale of the wrong way to interact with those we may encounter as we expand into space.”