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NewSpace 2010: Rick Tumlinson’s Views on the Final Frontier

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
July 26, 2010

The Real Game Begins
Rick Tumlinson
Co-founder, Space Frontier Foundation
Co-founder, Orbital Outfitters

Synopsis: Tumlinson sketches out the past, present and future prospects of the effort to move humans off the Earth to stay. There is still much work to be done.

Notes below by James Keravala


— 3 types of people

  • Von Braunians
  • Saganists
  • O’neillians

— L5 by ’95
— NASA, today’s Lewis & Clark, to explore the far frontier
— A hundred miles up and you’re halfway to anywhere – Heinlein
— Astronauts begin their jobs on LEO
— Vikings failed to secure Americas because of lack of trade infrastructure
— USNC Enterprise – 1950s vision of future computing
— Alphatown – Bigelow space station
— big space doesn’t currently fit into business plan, like going to Mars; currently purview of government
— NASA should be far frontier
— astronaut corps should be at the edge of the new frontier; private industry should build infrastructure
— Chinese going up to south pole of moon and claiming 50km radius – most of the ice!
— creating life in space
— space is a blank canvas
— hardly any new space art out there
— a goal is separate from a destination – what should be articulated now is
— the human settlement of space
— Frontiers are opened by the people, with the support of or in spite of their governments – Manifesto for the Frontier, RNT
— in 10 years the first people to walk on Mars may be private citizens flown by american private companies
— if the partnership is handled the right way, we all go
— The Settlement Imperative – We will create self sustaining and economically
— viable human communities beyond the earth, an expanding frontier where the power of human imagination can be unleashed and a future where the human
— race can tap the unlimited resources and energy of space to create wealth and opportunity for all humankind

— The Perfect Storm
—  the movement
— a group coming up together, half working from the inside
— the others working from the outside

— We are at the beginning of the beginning of the beginning

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  2. NASA Guy says:

    What does this Tumlinson fellow actually do? His spacesuit company apparently went flop. He pops up once or twice a year, acts as if he is responsible for all the good things, expresses outrage at the things he does not agree with, and then vanishes until its time for another conference.

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