Diamadis: X PRIZE Looking at Asteroid Deflection, Beamed Power and Martian Life

Asteroid Ida

Although I was not able to attend this year’s International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Chicago, I have been able to follow it via Twitter.

X Prize Foundation Founder Peter Diamandis gave a presentation earlier today in which he outline the projects that his non-profit group wants to fund. Tweets from Robin Snelson and Donnie Lowther:

@DKLowther Diamandis: Beamed Power Launch X Prize; Asteroid Deflection X Prize–concept; Orbital Debris Removal X Prize concept.
@robinsnelson X Prize wants to award $20M Prizes for Asteroid Deflection & Orbital Debris Removal — thrifty!
@robinsnelson Peter Diamandis says X Prize looking at beamed power launch challenge $1M and Prize $10M
@DKLowther Diamandis: Martian Life X Challenge to develop life that can survive on Mars; believes it could done in a year if funded.
@DKLowther Diamandis: Putting the first civilian on the Moon is prime goal.
@DKLowther Peter Diamandis: nanotechnology is going to have a major impact on space technology.