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ISRO: Cryogenic Stage Fired for One Second Before Turbo Pump Failed

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
April 19, 2010
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GSLV Mark III engine test (Photo: ISRO)

GSLV Mark III engine test (Photo: ISRO)

An update on the failure of India’s GSLV-D3 rocket, which crashed into the Bay of Bengal on Thursday after its cryogenic third stage failed:

A preliminary study of flight data by the scientists has determined that the cryogenic stage did indeed ignite but failed to function thereafter as a fuel turbo pump that supplied fuel to the cryogenic engine stopped working just a second after ignition.

The cryo stage – the first one that India developed on its own – was to have fired for 720 seconds. The failure was a major setback for ISRO, which has been working on this technology for about 18 years. Officials hope that by developing the technology, India will be able to compete for satellite launches on the international market.

ISRO plans to try again within the next year.

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