Florida Lt. Governor Meets with Aerospace Workers, Promises Help on Job Retention

Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center

December 2, 2009

Today, Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp met with a group of Brevard County’s innovators and industry leaders at Satellite Beach’s Lighting Science Group Corporation headquarters to discuss emerging technologies and tour their facility.

During a luncheon meeting with area businesses, the Lt. Governor stated, “The space industry is critical to Florida’s economy and benefits the well-being of all the people of Florida. It is clear that innovation, together with a focus on retaining and transitioning some of the ‘best and brightest’ highly skilled workforce to new opportunities once the shuttle retires, is an important step in addressing the continued economic health of our state.”

Earlier in the day, the Lt. Governor toured United Space Alliance and spoke with many workers who currently serve the space shuttle program and anticipate cutbacks once the shuttle program no longer requires their services. With only five launches left, the space shuttle fleet is expected to retire in 2010. NASA is developing plans for the next-generation space program and is waiting for the White House to issue its policy decisions following the Augustine Commission Report.

“One of our key priorities is to develop and execute programs designed to retain and expand space industry business in Florida, while maintaining the critical workforce and their skill sets required for the state’s next-generation space programs,” noted Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp.