Interesting High Altitude Balloon Flight Project

An interesting concept for high-altitude flight from a Barcelona company called zero2infinity. The website ncludes the following description:

Bloon’s near-spaceship will calmly soar through our atmosphere pulled by a balloon in a clean and safe way to an altitude of 36 km. Meanwhile, the four shirtsleeves travelers on board the pod will dispose of about 3 hours to discover the amazing beauty and fragility of the Earth. There’s no need to rush. Space travel is a journey of discovering and enlightenment. Near-space travelers can have dinner, sip their favorite drink or simply relax in the warm cabin’s environment with the only worry of not missing any detail of our great world and knowing that the trip not only did no harm, but helped protect her.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, zero2infinity is a start-up whose mission is to raise our planetary consciousness through near-space experiences.

As a first step to fulfilling that mission, founder Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales proposed a new approach to near-space flight while attending the International Space University Summer Session Program in Valparaiso, Chile, in 2000. From this embryonic state, the idea was developed in an article made public during the 53rd International Aeronautics Congress at Houston, Texas, and in the 50k business plan competition at MIT in 2002.

In order to refine this basic idea, two theses, supervised by López-Urdiales, were developed during 2009. Most of the work has been developed in private, driven by our mission to make bloon morally, as well as physically, uplifting. It is a clean system, Earth-friendly by nature, making it possible for thousands of people to see our planet and return, inspired to change the world.