Jack Schmitt on Lunar Water: Don’t Make Reservations for the Moon Just Yet


Apollo 17 moon walker Harrison “Jack” Schmitt was in Vienna addressing the Austrian Academy of Sciences on Wednesday, saying that many challenges remain despite NASA’s discovery of water on the moon. The Chinese Xinhua news agency reports:

However, he pointed out that that was not enough to promote the establishment of lunar manned station. In his view, the key issue about water on the moon was not its scarcity but rather how to use it.

Schmitt explained there was a lot of hydrogen on the surface of the moon, with which it would be easy to produce water. But there was still no solution to the problem of how to use the frozen water under the very low temperatures that exist there.

Nevertheless, Schmitt believed humankind would finally establish stations on the moon. After all, “the quickest way to Mars is through the Moon,” he said.

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