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Branson: Next Stop, the Moon

By Doug Messier
Parabolic Arc
November 14, 2009
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In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National, Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson says that his company hopes to conduct tourism trips around the moon:

“We’re looking at building small little spaceships, two-man spaceships with glass tops which will be programmed to pull you around by the moon’s gravity around the moon so you can just go 100 foot above the moon, around and then back to the hotel. Anyway, we’re dreaming and we’re working on it. And whether all this happens in our lifetime, we’ll see.”

This clip comes at the end of a 30-minute Future Tense program largely devoted to Australia’s efforts to create a stronger, more coordinated space program.

2 responses to “Branson: Next Stop, the Moon”

  1. Joan Vernikos says:

    Now we are talking! There is no limit to Richard Branson’s visions. How lucky we are to live in his lifetime and how sad it is that the UK is so uptight and short-sighted. Let’s see Australia pick up the ball and lead in something in space.
    author of The G-Connection.

  2. Buyck says:

    I think its more realistic that Sir Branson first go in sea with Galactic Suite or Bigelow Areospace. And open some space hotels around the earth atmosphere around 2015-2020. A Moon hotel will be no sooner than 2025!

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