Garriott: Space Diving is Next

Richard Garriott
Richard Garriott

At home with Richard Garriott, the talk is all about space
The Statesman

As for Garriott, his latest dream is to catch a ride in one of those suborbital vehicles — and then step off. “Which means space diving,” he said.

He’s working with a number of groups to develop the technology to do it, and survive. One of the problems with space diving, he said, is that once you hit the atmosphere, you’re traveling at speeds of about Mach 5, which means that the airflow might shred your spacesuit.

The descent might also cause a space diver to start spinning into a centrifuge like motion, which also might result in arms and legs spinning off.

Needless to say, there are a few kinks still to work out. Garriott estimates that his idea will take about two years of development.

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