Excalibur Almaz: $35 Million/Week, $1 Billion/Year


Rob Coppinger of Hyperbola has a couple of good stories about Excalibur Almaz, a company that will use leftover Soviet-era military space station hardware to built a space tourism business:

The company expects to have a test flight in 2013 and then slowly build the frequency of service of its Almaz spacecraft.

Two passengers will fly with a pilot-cosmonaut in its reusable capsule and expendable habitable service module. Eventually Excalibur hopes to earn $1 billion a year by launching up to 30 people into orbit at $35 million each.

The company is named after the 1970s Soviet Almaz military programme that flight-tested the capsule with a reusable hull and heat shield.

EADS Astrium is working on habitable service module concepts for Excalibur, which is also looking for new avionics and a life support system for the capsule.

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