Former Soviet Military Platform Being Converted for Space Tourism


Manx Company buys Soviet Spacecraft
Isle of Man Today

Three Almaz stations were launched into space under the pretence that they were civilian research craft.

The Almaz programme only came to light when the Soviet regime collapsed and there have been reports that the orbiters were armed with cannons normally used on Mig jet fighters so that US satellites could be destroyed if they were used to attack Soviet cosmonauts in space.
The Excalibur Almaz company has a wealth of space experience among its executives and advisers which include Space Shuttle astronaut Franklin R. Chang-Díaz, former Johnson Space Center director George W. S. Abbey and veteran Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Titov who became the first man ever to spend a whole year in space.

‘With this announcement, the dream of private orbital space exploration may become a reality in the very near future,’ said Mr Titov following an announcement of the company’s plans at the Moscow Air Show last week.

Excalibur Almaz now owns several Almaz spacecraft, including reusable re-entry vehicles (RRVs) and space stations used in the 1970s.

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