Flagsuit Wins Space Frontier Foundation Business Competition


After a weekend of presentations by several new companies in the NewSpace field, the judges of the 2009 NewSpace Business Plan Competition awards the following:

1st Place – Flagsuit, LLC
2nd Place – Syntiant
Honorable Mention – Santa Clara Satellite Solutions

The first place winner, Flagsuit, LLC, received a $5,000 cash prize courtesy of the Heinlein Trust and will have the opportunity to present their vision to entrepreneurs and investors alike at Space Investment Summit 7 on September 30th in Boston and attend an upcoming Space Angels Network event.

Courtesy of FundingPost.com, Flagsuit will also receive a three month membership to the Space Angels Network website, 2 tickets to any one of their 15 VC conferences held annually nationwide (including attendance in their workshop), and the FundingPost developed publication, “How to Raise Your First Million Dollars.”

Flagsuit, LLC Company Description:

Affordable spacesuits will transform the emerging private spaceflight industry by making it practical for humans to utilize cheap access to space. Flagsuit LLC is seeking funding to develop a hyperbaric (pressurized) suit with excellent mobility at a price that enables affordable spacesuits. The same product will fill a nonspace consumer need for a mobile chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, creating a convenient way for people to treat and prevent disease. By pursuing both markets, risk from low early demand in the emerging spaceflight market is mitigated, positive cash flow is reached sooner, and Flagsuit becomes well positioned to deliver space qualified hyperbaric suits once that market solidifies.

Syntiant, Inc Company Description:

Syntiant will create a unique platform based on:

  • SynseVisionTM Virtual Visionware: a pair of glasses containing bio-feedback technology, GPS, Bluetooth, and stereo HD cameras. Data is captured and transmitted to Syntiant’sTM virtual world for 3D reconstruction so others can plug-in and experience the user’s vision and bio-response virtually.
  • Syntiant’sTM virtual world will offer 3D gesture-based data manipulation (as seen in Minority Report) to create an intuitive, easy-to-use navigation system. This overlay will permit a user to organize his or her data in 3D mind maps, navigate social media sites in a 3D gesture-based environment, and add immersive virtual reality 3D to gaming environments.
  • Base services are free as long as the user donates 5 hours per day of unused computing time to Syntiant’sTM Global Supercomputing Grid. The more computing time users donate, the more energy credits they earn to buy additional SyntiantsTM products and services.

The Space Fontier Foundation extends a sincere “Thank You” to all of this year’s finalists!

Aeronautic Enterprises
Aerospace Technologies
Flagsuit, LLC
Next Giant Leap
PD Aerospace
Santa Clara Satellite
Thunderbird Communications

If you have a business plan that you would like considered for the NewSpace 2010 Business Plan competition, please watch for updates on next year’s schedule and submission deadlines at the Space Frontier Foundation website.