Energia Continues Work on Two Russian ISS Modules



Rocket Space Corporation Energia continues development and design activities with two new Russian modules to be docked to the International Space Station – MRM-1 and MRM-2.

In line with NASA’s commitments, MRM-1 is to be delivered to the station in shuttle payload cargo bay in 2010. Flight MRM-1 undergoes integration now. Elbow part the European arm ERA has been prepared for accomodation in MRM-1. In parallel, unit tests of the MRM-1 full-scale dynamical model are performed. The tests are aimed at further MRM-1 SW verification and flight MRM-1 acceptance.


MRM-2 is to be delivered to the station in the instrumentation compartment of the Progress cargo vehicle in late 2009. The module has been already intgrated with the compartment. The cargo vehicle- module stack undergoes workshop tests.