Ben Bova: Coulda Shoulda Woulda in Space

Earth Rise

Ben Bova: Wasted opportunity in space
Naples News
What if we had pushed ahead as vigorously after July 20, 1969, as we had in the years before the first lunar landing?

To begin with, we’d have a small city in orbit by now: a space station where hundreds of people live and work…

Industrial operations would be conducted in orbit, where the free solar energy, near-zero gravity and cleanliness of the vacuum environment would permit manufacturing metal alloys, pharmaceuticals and other specialized products of unprecedented purity….

Scientists would flock to space laboratories to study everything from astronomy to low-gravity metallurgy…

Tourists would go up, try the zero-gee “honeymoon hotel,” among other delights….

There would be a new industrial revolution taking place in space, a revolution that would make new fortunes and establish new industries…

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