Russians Marketing Soviet-Era Lunar Rocket Engine to Americans

Russia Today has an interesting story about a possible joint U.S.-Russian venture to produce new versions of the NK-33 engine, which was originally developed in the 1960’s for the Soviet human lunar effort.

“This engine is one of the best ever made in Russia. There are also price and production period benefits to consider. There are already a hundred of these engines in the world, and they need to be used. And the price benefit is in that they only require to be revived and adjusted to the spacecraft they are made for,” explains Valery Danilchenko, Motorostroitel plant chief constructor.

Today, the plant’s chief constructor says, full-scale negotiations are underway between Russia and the US to strengthen space co-operation.

“As the United States needs dozens of engines, and we don’t have that many ready-made engines, we offered to start a joint venture in Russia. In the next few days we are going to hand over their part of the business plan and consider it at the top level of our companies, and maybe even at governmental level,” Valery Danilchenko adds.

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