Space Exploration: Can Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll Replace Flag Planting?

From fear to sex: Apollo 11 landing shaped views of America, space
San Jose Mercury News

“Sex, drugs and rock and roll is what’s really going to build the space environment,” said John Spencer, founder of the Space Tourism Society in Los Angeles.

Spencer, who ponders weightless romantic adventures in orbit, said hundreds of millions of private dollars and years of NASA know-how have spurred a renaissance for the budding industry.

Private firms such as Richard Branson’s Virgin Group are pushing hard on reliable rockets for frequent space junkets far cheaper than the $20 million a handful of men have paid to vacation on the International Space Station.

“The Apollo program really lit the fuse. Things simmered down for decades, but during those decades, the understanding, the physics and the science and materials grew exponentially,” he said.

“We want to create these extraordinary, sensual, beautiful, even spiritual experiences off-world,” Spencer said. “Planting flags is old hat.”

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