Google Earth Goes All 3-D on the Moon

Google Earth now brings you the moon
Financial Post

On Monday, the search engine giant unveiled Moon in Google Earth, an interactive, three-dimensional atlas of the Moon as part of its Google Earth 5.0 satellite imaging and mapping software, to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Aldrin’s historic sojourn on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969.

“Forty years ago, two human beings walked on the Moon,” said Michael Weiss-Malik, product manager for Moon in Google Earth. “Starting today, with Moon in Google Earth, it’s now possible for anyone to follow in their footsteps. We’re giving hundreds of millions of people around the world unprecedented access to an interactive 3D presentation of the Apollo missions.”

Google Earth users can use the new upgrade to explore the Moon through panoramic photos, previously unreleased NASA video footage shot on the lunar surface and follow along as Mr. Aldrin and Apollo 17 astronaut Jack Schmitt offer guided video tours of the Moonscape.

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