NewSpace 09: Commercial Space in the Hawaiian Islands

The Big Island of Hawaii
The Big Island of Hawaii from space

Jim Crisafulli
Director, Office of Aerospace Development, State of Hawaii

–Hawaii has a lot of space-related activities

  • Mauna Kea Observatories
  • Hawaii is a contender with Chile on the location of the next generation telescope….May find out as early as Monday….
  • Research and development expertise at the University of Hawaii in a wide-range of fields, include remote sensing, atmospheric and oceanic monitoring, terrestrial and coastal mapping, and disaster mitigation and relief
  • Home-grown companies in Hawaii are involved in many of these areas…

Key Areas for Future

  • Space-Related Research, Development Testing and Evaluation
  • Aerospace Training and Education
  • Commercial Space Launches

Existing and Future Projects

  • Looking at point-to-point space tourism efforts with RocketPlane and other companies…
  • Will be putting out a proposal in the near future to do the environmental impact studies required for setting up a spaceport
  • Launching some rockets from an existing missile range on the site….
  • One company has approached the state about a floating launch pad that would deploy out of Pearl Harbor to launch rockets – including International Space Station missions…
  • Joint U.S.-Japan Science, Technology and Space Application Program (JUSTAP)
    • numerous joint projects
    • demonstration of power beaming between two Hawaiian islands
  • Discussing agreement with NASA Ames to study affordable ways of returning to the moon
  • PISCES – Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems
    • A 10-year program aimed toward lunar applications leading up to NASA’s planned human landing on the Moon
    • Tested rover in the Hawaiian islands
    • Helping to pioneer lunar human ecoloogy
    • Evaluation of technologies for future lunar applications
    • Involvement of University of Hawaii in research and testing
    • Work with international organizations to foster cooperation
    • Applying for federal money to build a simulated lunar outpost on the slopes of Mauna Kea
  • Space-based commercial power

Effect of the Economic Crisis

–Hawaii is not much better off financially than California
–Governor is about to announce deep budget cuts
–May lose 40 out of 93 people in his department